Tiruvannamalai temple pooja timing


Arunachaleswarar Temple Pooja Timing


  5:30 am Gomotha Pooja
  6:00 am Oudshakala Pooja
  8:30 am Early Sathi Pooja
  11:00 am Midnoon Pooja
  12:30 pm Temple Closing Time
  3:30 pm Temple Opening Time
  6:00 pm Sayara chai pooja
  7:30 pm 2nd Calam Pooja
  9:00 pm Arthajama Pooja
  9:30 pm Temple Closing Time


Pooja Details:

Pooja Details
Opening Time
Arunachaleswarar Swamy,Unnamalai Amman Milk Abishekam
Rs. 1000/-
6.30 am 9.00 pm
Arunachaleswarar Swamy, Unnamalai Amman Special Abishekam
Rs. 2500/-
6.30 am 9.00pm
Vinayagar, Arunacaleswarar Swamy, Unnamalai Amman Special Abishekam
Rs. 3000/- silver
Panchamoorthigal Abishekam (Vinayagar, Arunachaleswarar Swamy, Unnamalai Amman, Subramaniar and Chandikeswarar)
Rs. 4500/-
8.30 am 10.30 am
Parivara Moorthi Sannathi Milk Abishekam (Each Sannadhi)
Rs. 1000/-
6.30 am,8.30am 10.30
Thirukkalyana Utsavam Special Abishekam Pooja
Rs. 8500/-
1008 Sangu Pooja - Special Abishekam
Rs. 10000/-
Mahanyasam with Special Pooja
Rs. 5000/-
Annadhanam (for 100 persons for one day)
Rs. 2000/-